Friday, February 27, 2015

User Interface Settings (S15)

Modify your organization's user interface with the following settings:

Navigation: Customize > User Interface

User Interface

Enable Collapsible Sections
Collapsible sections give users the option to collapse or expand sections on their record detail pages using the arrow icon next to the section heading.

 Show Quick Create
The Quick Create area on a tab home page allows users to create a new record quickly with minimal information.

Enabled (Bottom Left corner of home page for leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and forecasts).

Enable Hover Details
Hover details display an interactive overlay containing detailed information about a record when users hover the mouse over a link to that record in the Recent Items list on the sidebar or in a lookup field on a record detail page.

Enable Related List Hover Links
Related list hover links display at the top of record detail pages and custom object detail pages in Setup.

Enable Separate Loading of Related Lists
When enabled, users see primary record details immediately; as related list data loads, users see a progress indicator.

Enable Inline Editing
Inline editing lets users quickly edit field values, right on a record’s detail page.

Enable Enhanced Lists
Enhanced lists give you the ability to quickly view, customize, and edit list data to speed up your daily productivity.

Enable New User Interface Theme
The new user interface theme updates the look and feel of Salesforce and moves user links, such as Setup and Logout, under the user name for all users in your organization.
When Disabled

Enable Tab Bar Organizer
The Tab Bar Organizer automatically arranges tabs in the main tab bar to prevent horizontal scrolling of the page.

When Enabled

When Disabled

Enable Printable List Views
Printable list views allow users to easily print list views.

Enable Spell Checker
When enabled, the Check Spelling button appears in certain areas of the application where text is entered, such as sending an email, or when creating events, tasks, cases, notes, and solutions.

Enable Spell Checker on Tasks and Events
Enables the Check Spelling button when users create or edit tasks or events.

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