Monday, May 18, 2015

Salesforce Validation Rule: Text field is required when checkbox field is checked.

Take an example a company uses Salesforce CRM in their organization. A user has come to you with request that when the “Do Not Call” field on contact object is checked then it’s mandatory for users to enter the reason in Reason field. How can this be done using Conga Composer?

The system administrator needs to create validation rule on Reason field.

Navigation: Setup > Customize > Contacts > Validation Rules

Rule Name: Enter the name

Active: Select to make validation rule active.

Description: Optional

Error Condition Formula: AND(  DoNotCall = TRUE, OR( ISBLANK(  Reason__c  )))

When “Do Not Call” field is “True” then “Reason” field cannot be blank. Check Syntax for errors.
Error Message: Enter the error message when formula condition is true.

Error Location: You can select “Top of Page” or Field and save.

Now on contact detail page “Do No Call” field is checked. When I try to save the record without entering the reason it displays an error that I need to enter text in Reason field before I can save the record.

Now sometimes you want to exclude some profiles from validation rule. For example: I don’t want error to be displayed as a system administrator when saving record. Hence I need to make comes changes to the condition formula in validation rule.

I added an extra line: $Profile.Name <> "System Administrator". Where <> is Not Equal. System administrator should be able to save the record.

System Administrator was able to save the record without entering the Reason when Do No Call field was checked. For other profiles the error will be displayed. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Simple Install SimpleImport in Salesforce.

SimpleImport is a cloud based application developed by Provenworks. It is used to import excel files by just using web browser. SimpleImport allows any users to quickly and easily import files in Salesforce. SimpleImport is available for all Salesforce Edition. SimpleImport comes with two edition: SimpleImport Free and SimpleImport Premium. One of the best features of SimpleImport, when you import data into Salesforce, SimpleImport has a capability to undo the import from the Salesforce. Using this application you import data for 2 objects at a time.

For Example: CSV contains Accounts and Contacts. You can import accounts and contacts at the same time. Whereas when we use data loader we first import account and then contacts.

SimpleImport can be searched and downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange. Get It Now.
Select “Log in to the AppExchange”.

Select “Install in production” if you want to install SimpleImport in production or developer edition.

Verify the information, select the checkbox and click “Confirm and Install”. Then enter the Salesforce credentials where you want to install SimpleImport.

Select “Admins Only” or “All Users” or “Specific Profiles” as desired and Install. Once the installation is finished system administrator will receive confirmation email.

SimpleImport has been installed in Salesforce.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Using AddressTools in Salesforce

Take an example a company uses Salesforce CRM in their organization where users deal with Contacts, Leads and Contracts. A manager has come to you with request that users should be able select state and country from a given list while entering address. How this process can be automated using AddressTools?

Salesforce Administrator has to install AddressTools from AppExchange and configure it. You can find the installation and configuration from the following link: Install and Configure AddressTools in Salesforce 

Once installed and configured let's go to contact detail page. 

Now let’s consider Mailing Country. When you type first few letters of any country accordingly the list of countries will be displayed.  This will help corporation to have clean and consistence data in Salesforce. Business users will use Country/State name from the default given list rather than entering different values.

For Example: I want to enter United States in the Mailing Country field. When I enter “Uni” following countries are displayed. Select United States.

Similarly for Mailing State/Province the list is displaced.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Install and Configure AddressTools in Salesforce

AddressTools is a third party application used for Autocomplete, validate, standardize and correct your Country & State fields. It can downloaded for all Salesforce editions. Many business users enter inconsistent data while entering State and Country. Someone may use "US" or "USA" or "United States of America" which can become nightmare. Hence AddressTool is used to have consistent and clean data in Salesforce. 

AddressTool can be searched and downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange. AddressTool comes in two edition: free and premium edition. Currently we are downloading AddressTool free edition. Click “Get It Now”.

Select “Log in to the AppExchange”. 

To install in Production or Developer edition select “Install in production”.

Verify the information, select the checkbox and “Confirm and Install”. Enter the salesforce credentials.

Select Admin Only and Install or as desired.

Select the checkbox and approve third party access and continue. Installation begins and admins will receive an email once the installation is complete.

Now select AddressTools from app menu and then go to AddressTools Free Administration object. Select the language and click “Install Defaults”.

Now Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts > Edit (Layout)

Enable AddressComplete and CountryComplete and Next

Save. AddressTools has been configured.