Saturday, May 9, 2015

Install and Configure AddressTools in Salesforce

AddressTools is a third party application used for Autocomplete, validate, standardize and correct your Country & State fields. It can downloaded for all Salesforce editions. Many business users enter inconsistent data while entering State and Country. Someone may use "US" or "USA" or "United States of America" which can become nightmare. Hence AddressTool is used to have consistent and clean data in Salesforce. 

AddressTool can be searched and downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange. AddressTool comes in two edition: free and premium edition. Currently we are downloading AddressTool free edition. Click “Get It Now”.

Select “Log in to the AppExchange”. 

To install in Production or Developer edition select “Install in production”.

Verify the information, select the checkbox and “Confirm and Install”. Enter the salesforce credentials.

Select Admin Only and Install or as desired.

Select the checkbox and approve third party access and continue. Installation begins and admins will receive an email once the installation is complete.

Now select AddressTools from app menu and then go to AddressTools Free Administration object. Select the language and click “Install Defaults”.

Now Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts > Edit (Layout)

Enable AddressComplete and CountryComplete and Next

Save. AddressTools has been configured.

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