Sunday, May 10, 2015

Using AddressTools in Salesforce

Take an example a company uses Salesforce CRM in their organization where users deal with Contacts, Leads and Contracts. A manager has come to you with request that users should be able select state and country from a given list while entering address. How this process can be automated using AddressTools?

Salesforce Administrator has to install AddressTools from AppExchange and configure it. You can find the installation and configuration from the following link: Install and Configure AddressTools in Salesforce 

Once installed and configured let's go to contact detail page. 

Now let’s consider Mailing Country. When you type first few letters of any country accordingly the list of countries will be displayed.  This will help corporation to have clean and consistence data in Salesforce. Business users will use Country/State name from the default given list rather than entering different values.

For Example: I want to enter United States in the Mailing Country field. When I enter “Uni” following countries are displayed. Select United States.

Similarly for Mailing State/Province the list is displaced.