Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Backup Salesforce Data using CloudAlly

CloudAlly is third party application which is used for data backup and recovery capabilities. Generally Salesforce, Microsoft and Google have data backup and recovery capabilities infrastructure. But sometimes there can be a disaster and you may lose the data which is very precious for any organization. You can lose data when someone hacks in to your system or someone accidently deletes records from the system or data may be corrupt. Hence CloudAlly helps you recovery your data.

Like in Salesforce you may have massive amount of data. If you delete any record it goes into the recycle bin which will be permanently deleted after 15 days. Sometimes Salesforce recycle bin hits the limit and hence data I deleted older data which is already in recycle bin is automatically deleted. What if custom object is deleted in Salesforce, you may lose all the important data. There many ways data gets deleted from the system. Hence you can use CloudAlly to create a backup copy of your salesforce on daily basis.

CloudAlly can be searched in AppExchange and click “Get It Now”

 To Install from CloudAlly website and select the checkbox and click “Install from provider’s site”.

Sign up if you don’t have account in CloudAlly. Enter the required information and select checkbox and Sign Up.

Click Allow.

CloudAlly page. You can backup for DynamoDB, Exchange Online Mail, Google Account, Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, SharePoint Online, Simple DB and Yahoo Mail.

There is Salesforce section in CloudAlly. There are two options New Production backup and Sandbox Backup. Click Production Backup to do the back up for Salesforce Production or Developer environment. If you want to backup sandbox salesforce instance click Sandbox Backup.

Email me a daily backup summary: If you want daily backup summary email select the checkbox. Currently the process is in Executing state. Once the process is Active means the backup is complete.

Now you have two options restore and delete. Click delete to remove the backup from CloudAlly.

Click Download to download the CSV file. Which can be used to import the lost data in the Salesforce.


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