Monday, April 13, 2015

Integrate DocuSign with Salesforce.

DocuSign is a third party application which is used to send a document for signature within Salesforce. It also guides the signer while singing the document. DocuSign can easily integrated with salesforce if you have Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer Edition. The app can be found on AppExchange. DocuSign also helps to keep track on the email sent within Salesforce. With respect to traditional way of signing contracts DocuSign helps to reduce the process time, very easy, very fast and secure. Thus it helps the Sales Reps to close the deals faster. Now let’s install DocuSign with Salesforce.  

Login in Salesforce and go to AppExchange and search DocuSign and click “Get It Now”.

Click “Log in to the AppExchange” when you have Salesforce credentials otherwise click “I don’t have a login” to create a new salesforce account.

Select “Install in Production” if you want to install DocuSign in production account or select Install in Sandbox if you want to install DocuSign in sandbox.

Verify the information before installing DocuSign in the Salesforce. Select “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”. And click “Confirm and Install”.

Login in to the Salesforce.

Select “Install for Admins only” or “Install for All User” or “Install for Specific Profiles” as desired and Install.

Select “Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites and continue.

Installation in progress.

Administrator will receive an email once DocuSign has been successfully installed in the Salesforce.

To use DocuSign in Salesforce you need to have account in DocuSign. If you already have DocuSign account, enter the login credentials, select production/demo/others and log in. If you don’t have DocuSign account then you need to open account in DocuSign.

After successfully login into DocuSign now you need to enter salesforce login credentials and select the environment (Production/Sandbox). Select the checkbox if you agree with network access necessary for communication with DocuSign and click Connect.

Installation of DocuSign complete. According to companies needs you can add Send with DocuSign button and Docusign Related List by editing page layout.