Monday, April 13, 2015

Use DocuSign with Salesforce.

Take an example a company uses Salesforce CRM in their organization where users deal with documents on day to day basis. A user has come to you with request that users should be able send documents through email for the signature. How this process can be automated using DocuSign?

Now let’s use DocuSign to send document for signature. On Contact page layout I have added “Send with DocuSign” button.  Click Send with Docu Sign.

DocuSign page: You add documents and recipients. You can enter the subject and message which you want to send to the recipient.

Setting Section:

Send automatic reminders: You can set the number of days after which the system will send the reminder by the email.

Expire Envelope: You can set the number of days after which you can expire envelope or warn the signer.

Then you can click Send Now or Next. Let’s click Next.

In this page you need to add a document.

I have add the document. On the left side you can see tags.

Now I will drag and drop the tags on the attached document. I have dragged and dropped Full Name and Sign Here tag and click Send to email the document.

I logged in to my email account. Instantly I received the email. Click “Review Document

A page will open in a new tab. Here DocuSign will ask you to click Continue to review and sign document.

We added Full Name tag before sending email. Hence the tag populated the name from contact record in Salesforce. We can also see the Sign Here tag.  

Click the Sign here tag. Following page is displayed. Enter the Full Name and Initials according which Sign will be displayed. You can also change the style of the sign by clicking Change Style.  If you don’t like the current sign style you can draw the sign as desired. Once done click “Adopt And Sign

Click Finish to send the signed document back to the company.

Go back to Salesforce contact object. You can see the DocuSign Recipient Status related list. It displays documents emailed. It also shows documents signed by the receiver.

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