Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Notable Things To Know As a Business Analyst

Project Management Triangle

In an IT project we have 3 objectives. But when you are practically working on an IT project we can only achieve two out of three objectives. It is practically impossible to achieve all the three objects at a same time.

There are three scenarios:

  1. If we want the product to be completed in short period of time then we will require high quality resource hence resources will be costly. 
  2. If we want high quality product but at minimum cost then we will require more time to work on the product.
  3. If we want a minimum value product in short period of time then we will not have high quality product.
Hence Business Analyst and Project Manager should discuss with the business users and stakeholders about the trade-offs when working on project scope. 

Scope and Change Request Management

Reference: Business Analyst's Mentor Book: Emrah Yayici

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