Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Email Logs

Email logs are CSV files that contain information about all email sent through Salesforce over the last 30 days. CSV file contain Date/Time, Mail Event, Recipient, Sender, Status and Errors.

Setup > Logs > Email Log Files

Email Log Page > Request an Email Log

Email Log Request page
In this page we have Start Time and End Time.  The difference between the start time and end time is 7 days. If we want the email log request for additional time period then we need to create a new email log request. These email logs are available for 30 days for that email address.

Include only emails that are addressed to or from: This option function as a filter. Enter the email “to or from” for which you want the email log.

Delivery Notifications: Enter the email to receive the notification when the email log request is complete.

Submit Request.

Pending Email Log Requests: Displays the pending log request.

Email Logs: Completed email log > click Download (Zip file is downloaded which contains email logs in the CSV file). CSV file contains a maximum 100,000 records. If 500,000 logs are present than 5 different CSV files are created in a zip file.

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