Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Salesforce – Opportunity Splits

Opportunity split allows sales reps to divide revenue and opportunity credit on sales deals. Splits can be rolled up in the pipeline and forecast reports. Your organization can have more accurate view of pipeline and performance.

Take a example a company uses salesforce crm in their organization where users deal with opportunities on day to day basis. A user has come to you with a request that team working on an opportunity should be given credit apart from opportunity owner. How can this be done?

In opportunity we have an option called Split Opportunities.  Here team members working on an opportunity share sales credit. By doing this each user can roll their individual sales credits into quota and pipeline reports.

Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Opportunity Splits > Settings

Set up Opportunity Splits

By default we have two splits Revenue and Overlay. These splits cannot be deleted but you can rename or deactivate those spits. To add new splits click “Add a new split type” split another currency field, and specify whether splits must total 100% of that field.

Click Save and then click Enable Opportunity Splits

Select Page Layout for which you want to add opportunity splits related list. To ensure that users with customized page layouts see the related list, select Add to users’ customized related lists and save.

In Progress: Enabling Splits.  Edit Split Types is grayed out.

Opportunity splits is now enabled and we can Edit Split Types.

Opportunity Splits related list is displayed on opportunity detail page. To split the opportunity click Edit Opportunity Splits button on related list.

Various tabs are displayed: Revenue, Overlay and Expected Revenue. Now you can add /delete team member from opportunity splits. Define percent, enter the notes as desired. Amount will change with respect to assigned percentage.

Opportunity Splits Related List


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