Saturday, March 7, 2015

Exacttarget Automation Studio

Automation Studio is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud application. It is used to execute marketing automation on immediate or schedule basis. It is found in Interactive Marketing Hub. It has drag and drop interface which saves time while automating marketing task hence it is a Hub App. To get access to Automation studio we need to buy Automation Interactions.
Section 1: Shows daily or weekly automation summary. Its displays the number of automation that have been completed, have error or are scheduled.

Section 2: Displays complete list of automation. We can also see the automation in List View and Detailed View by using the toggle in the upper-right of the section.

Automation can be created in 3 Steps
1.    Automation Workflow (Steps and Activities)
2.    Automation Schedule
3.    Automation Activity
To create new automation click Create Automation (Blue button top right corner).

If we want to create new automation then we are taken to Workflow Tab where as if we are viewing existing automation then we are taken to Summary Tab.

Summary Tab: See an overview of this automation.
Workflow Tab: Define automation activities by dragging activities to canvas.
Schedule Tab: Schedule when this automation will run.
Activity Tab: This tab shows all the details of the automation like run date, progress and status.

Send Email: Use this activity to initiate an email message.
Import File: Import the data file into the Exacttarget.
Refresh Group: Replay the rules in a group definition to create a subset of subscribers in a list.
Wait: If you want automation wait for specific period of time before executing the next step.
Filter: Apply the logic to subscriber list to create a group of subscribers who satisfy the filter criteria.

Untitled Automation: Click on Untitled Automation to enter the name for this automation > Done.

Summary Tab
Description (Basic Properties): Enter the description regarding the automation being created.

Workflow Tab
Select the desired activities to be used for this automation. Drag and drop those activities on the canvas. You can either drag activities into new step columns (e.g. Step 2, Step 3), or into the same column by dropping them above or below existing ones.
Once you drag and drop the activities click on the activities in the canvas to select a particular object for that activity. Once done click save to save the automation.

Schedule Tab
After defining workflow automation click schedule tab to schedule the automation.

Complete the following actions to schedule your automation:

  • Start: Select date and time to start the automation.
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone when automation should start
  • Repeat: Select repeat option to run the automation in the specific intervals (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
  • End: Select the end date to end the automation.

Activity Tab
This tab is to review the automation activity. It shows the health of the automation. It also sends notifications email when the automation is complete or errors out.

Notification Settings
Enter the email address for Run Completion and Runtime Error to notify the user upon completion or if there is error with the automation.


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