Sunday, March 8, 2015

Salesforce Console

The console’s dashboard-like interface improves on the Agent Console by eliminating time-consuming clicking and scrolling so you can quickly find, update, and create records.

Click Setup

Create > App

To create a console click “New” or clone the standard sample console.

Select the type of app to create: Console > next

Fill in the field to define the console
                App Label: Demo Console
                App Name: Demo_Console (Auto Populated)
                Description (Optional)

Optional: Select the logo for the console: Insert an Image” > Next

Select the objects to be included in the console > Next

Primary Tab: Display the main record to work on
Sub Tabs: Displays related records
Selected Account as primary tab
Selected Case as a sub tab of Account Name (Account)
Selected Contact as a sub tab of Account Name (Account)

Enable check box if you want to include Live Agent in this App > Next

Choose which user profiles can access this console and save.

Console App is created. Edit the App to change the List Placement of the object.

Choose List Placement: Select as preferred and save.

Salesforce Console created.

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