Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Record Types

Record types offers us different business processes, pick list values, and page layouts with respect to different users.

Creating a Record Type

Records can be created for Standard and Custom Objects

Standard Object: Setup > Customize > Select Any Object > Record Types > New

Enter the details

Existing Record Type: Choose Master from the Existing Record Type drop-down list to copy all available picklist values, or choose an existing record type to clone its picklist values.

Record Type Label: Premier Account
Record Type Name: Premier_Account (Auto Populates)
Description: Optional
Active: Check to make the record type active for use.

Select the profile for which you want to give record type access.


Assign page layouts:
Assign page layout for this record type that will display for the users with respect to profiles.  
Apply one layout to all profiles: To apply a single page layout for all profiles

If Apply one layout to all profiles is selected

Apply a different layout for each profile: To apply different page layouts based on user profiles

If Apply a different layout for each profile is selected

Record Type created with pick list values.

Custom Object: Setup > Create > Record Types > Continue > New Custom Report Type

In spring 15 release record types was added for Assets Object.

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