Saturday, March 21, 2015

Salesforce - Merge Accounts

Company has lots of duplicate accounts in Salesforce and want to merge the duplicates.

Accounts Object > Tools > Merge Accounts

Enter the Account Name and click Find Accounts. When you click find accounts a list of accounts are displayed below. Select the accounts which you want to merge and next.

Note: Before merging any accounts in salesforce always take backup using export data or data loader.

Two accounts to be merged are displayed in columns side by side. Select the values that you want retain in the merged record. Highlighted rows indicate fields that contain conflicting data. The Master Record selected will retain read-only and hidden field values. The oldest Created By date and user will be retained in the merged record.

Note: All related records including any notes, attachments, and activities will be associated with the new merged record.

Click Merge to merge both the accounts and the two accounts are merged.

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