Monday, March 30, 2015

Salesforce – Big Deal Alert

A company uses salesforce crm in their organization where users deal with opportunities on day to day basis. A user has come to you with a request that he should be notified when opportunities with large amount are created. How can this be done?

In opportunity, you will find an option called “Big Deal Alerts” this option lets you email notifications for opportunities with large amounts. Customize the alert to send an email when the opportunity reaches the threshold. Threshold consist of opportunity amount and probability. You can only have one opportunity alert for one organization.

To access Big Deal Alert go to:

Setup > Customize > Opportunity > Big Deal Alert

Initially Big Deal Alert is not enabled in the Salesforce. There are four steps to configure Big Deal Alerts.

Step 1: Alert Name:
            Enter a name for the alert.

Step 2: Threshold

            In this we have two fields. One is Trigger Amount and another is Trigger Probability. Enter             a Trigger Probability and Trigger Amount in the corporate currency. Opportunity alert is                 triggered when the probability and the amount is equal or greater than the probability and               amount configured in the salesforce. The alert triggers only for those opportunities that                 meet both the criteria i.e. Trigger Amount and Trigger Probability threshold amounts.

Step 3: Alert Settings

            Active: Select active when you want alert to be used immediately.
From Email Name: Enter From Email Name
From Email Address: Enter From Email Address
Use Page Layout and Language From:  Here select the user that will provide the appropriate page layouts, language and currency settings for the content of the email. The user must have “View All Data” permission.

Step 4: Recipients

In this section enter the Notify Emails, Notify CC Emails and Notify BCC emails to whom you want to notify about the big deal opportunity alert. Notify Email is mandatory fields whereas Notify CC Emails and Notify BCC Emails are optional fields.

Notify Opportunity Owner: Select this option if you also want to notify the opportunity owner in the alert emails and save.

Big Deal Alert has be configured.
Now let’s create a new opportunity. Enter the opportunity amount at $120,000 and probability at 90% and save the record.

As soon as I save the record I receive an email about opportunity alert. 


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