Thursday, March 19, 2015

Salesforce – Mass Reassign Account Teams: Add an account team member

Organization want to add team members to multiple account records at a time. Using Salesforce, you can add, a team member on any record that contains that team member.

Setup > Data Management > Mass reassign Account Teams

Select: Add an account team member > Next

Search for Accounts:

Use the filter to search for the accounts for which you want to add a team member. You can set the information to display in each column of the list.

You can see that the list of columns selected in the previous step are displayed in the step 3 (select accounts). Select the desired accounts for which you want to add team members.

Add an account team member:
New Team Member: Select User/Partner User and then select the specific user.
Team Role: Select the role for the team which we had created in Account Team Roles.
Account Access: Read/Write
Contact Access: Read Only
Opportunity Access: Read/Write
Case Access: Read/Write


We have added team member and it is displayed in the account team related list.

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