Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The changing face of a Business Analyst

We often call business analyst as a bridge between business and development team but the real challenge of bridging the gap can be best understood by the person who is in the shoes of a business analyst. It is a business analyst’s job to understand what the business does, how it is done and what is the process behind it. If an organization has multiple teams involved, then understand how and why those teams are inter connected.

A Business analysts has to keep changing the colors like a chameleon and mold into various roles in a project from start till the finish. Let us discuss few of them in this article-

Big Picture View: Scope creep is one of the major reasons why a project fails and to avoid this a business analyst must have a bird’s eye view to have a clear picture of the requirements.

In company SFDC316 business had put forward requirements to send emails which was eventually drafted in business requirements document, later there were phone calls back and forth between business and BSA regarding some added functionality which was never confirmed by business in any kind of written communication due to timeline getting affected business analysts started building the system and released the product for User acceptance testing. Business came back to BSA that the application functionality is far different then what was discussed on call and pushed back for rebuild. 

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