Saturday, March 21, 2015

Salesforce – User Interface: Enhanced Profile List Views

Enables enhanced list views and inline editing on the profiles list page. With inline editing in enhanced profile list views, you can manage multiple profiles at once.

Setup > Customize > User Interface > Enhanced Profile List Views

Here the List View options is not displayed. Hence we can’t perform inline editing and manage multiple profiles at once.

Now let’s enable Enhanced Profile List View in user interface. 
Now List View is visible in profile. Let’s consider the highlighted profile i.e. Custom Sales Profile. In List View we also have Convert Lead columns. Now if I want to deselect convert leads for custom sales profile I can double click on convert lead column of the profile.

As soon as I click following page pop ups. Now I can deselect the Convert Lead for Custom Sales Profile and save.

Now Convert Lead permission is disabled for Custom Sales Profile. We can do same for all the profiles without visiting each profile manually.

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