Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Salesforce - Email Template – Text

Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates

Email Template > Text > Next

Email Template Information

Folder: To store templates

                Standard Options Available:
                                                    Unfiled Public Email Templates
                                                    My Personal Email Templates

Available for Use: Enable the check box to use the text email template.

Email Template Name: Demo Text Template

Template Unique Name: Demo_Text_Template

Encoding: Determine the character set for the template

Description: Optional

Subject: Demo Subject (Subject for the message)

Email Body: Write the email content in the email body.

Using Mail Merge Fields.

Select Field Type: Contact Fields (Select the desired object field)

Select Field: First Name (All fields are displayed with respect Field Type selected)

Copy Merge Field Value: {!Contact.FirstName} (Merge field is displayed when you select the field). Copy the Merge Field Value “{!Contact.FirstName} “ or any other value and paste in the Email Body or Subject as desired.


Text Email Template created.

Send Test and Verify Merge Fields: Use this option to test the text email template.

Attachments: To attach files with the text email template.

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