Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The subtle art of being a BSA

In today’s world, companies need to maintain competitive edge and capitalize on opportunities for growth. Business Analyst need to review the current operation to keep moving and leverage opportunities. Business Analyst is like an architect a person who puts things together. 

We hire an architect while constructing or renovating our house. The architect will create a plan by collecting inputs from the owner. Once the plan is approved the architect will approach the builder to start the work and monitor the build process. But things don’t go always according to the plan. You may face various issues. The architect has to resolve the issues or revise the plan if needed. 

The same way Business Analyst works in an organization. He works with business users, stake holders to gather requirements and develop a plan and then work with IT team to implement the system in the organization. Hence Business Analyst is the bridge between business users and IT development team.

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