Friday, March 13, 2015

Salesforce Queues

Queues are created to manage workload effectively. When the criteria of the record is met the record falls into the specific queue. The record will remain in the queue until a user accepts them for processing. The queues can be transferred from one queue to another. We can set the queue for specific objects and assign as users.

Setup > Manage Users > Queues

Create new or edit existing queues.

Queue Information

Label: Test Queue

Queue Name: Test_Queue

Queue Email: Enter the individual or distribution list email to send the notification to all the queue members.

Send Email to Members: Enable if you want to notification email to all the members in the queue when the record is added in the queue.

Supported Object:
Select the object which you to assign it for the queue. Select Object and use right arrow to add object to “Selected Object”

Queue Members

Search: You can select individual users, public groups, role and subordinates to add members in this queue.


Queue created

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