Saturday, March 7, 2015

Exacttarget - Send Email

Click on Send and then Guided Send


Choose Recipient Source

Recipients - The lists, groups, data extensions, or filter to receive the email message sent with this interaction.

Salesforce Reports or Campaigns: If Exacttarget is integrated with Salesforce. Use this option to pull data from salesforce campaigns or reports

Select Salesforce reports or campaigns. 

You can select Reports or Campaigns from Salesforce.

Select Campaigns > Add (Only Active campaign in salesforce can be selected)

Once campaign is selected, Check – I certify all of these people have opted in. > Next

Exclude Salesforce Report or Campaign

Select Report or Campaign from Salesforce you can to exclude while sending email from exacttarget. 

From Options > Use the following from name and address (Select From Email Address > Next

Schedule Send: Do you want to send the email Immediately or Later

Review the selections before sending the email

Check - This information is correct > Send

Overview: Check the status of the email sent. 

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