Friday, March 6, 2015

Create a Custom App in Salesforce

An “app” is a group of tabs that works as a unit to provide application functionality.

Click Setup (Top Right Corner)

Build: Create > Apps

In Apps page you can customize the standard and custom apps in the organization. We can delete the custom app but we cannot delete the standard app.  

Click New (To create a new app)

Select Custom App > Next

Enter the following details

App Label: Demo App
App Name: Demo App

Choose the image for the custom app logo

Click Insert an Image > Next

Choose the available tabs to be included in the app using right and left button to add or remove tabs. Use up and down arrow buttons to define the order in which the tabs will display in the app.

Default Landing Tab: Select the tab to set the default landing when the app is opened.

Assign to Profiles:

Visible box: Choose the user profiles for which the app will be available.

Default box: Make this app default to the profile. The user will see the app when he log in for the first time.


App: Demo App is created.

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